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Skip the headaches of real estate agents, showings, mortgage approvals, and trying to “fix up” your property. We buy your house “as-is” so you don’t have to experience the hassles of selling your house.

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“REIG made the process extremely easy. Marcel and Danny was constant contact and answered any questions I had and actually took a big load off my shoulders and made the process of moving a lot easier.”

Corey Oswalt, Homeowner, San Diego CA

“Doing business with you has been a pleasure, and of course your professionalism and competence have been a huge benefit to me and my family.”

Peter McDougall, Homeowner, Clairemont CA

“To the REIG company, Marcel did an awesome job from beginning to end, he came through with honesty and customer service above all. Thank you.”

Hector Quiroga, Homeowner, National City CA

REIG Gives Back!


We are donating a full home renovation to a military family here in San Diego. Learn more below.

REIG Construction, Wounded Warrior Homes, and several other gracious and generous sponsors to give back to our “Hometown Heroes,” by donating a full home renovation to a military family in need.

Mission Objective: Our purpose is to honor, celebrate, and change the lives of local military heroes through a passionate and purposed home renovation.

Find out more here.

Who Are We?

REIG is an acronym for our 4 CORE values. Revitalization of communities is at the heart of what we do and why we do it – it electrifies and inspires us.

We conduct every aspect of our business through Elevating Expectations, putting Integrity First, and showing Gratitude always.

We listen to our “customers” and strive to bring smiles to their faces in unexpected ways. We strive to honor, appreciate, and be continually grateful in all we do.

Learn more about the 2 REIG companies below.

REIG Asset Management, Inc.

REIG Construction

REIG in the Media


Brian Daly & Patrick Clark of REIG are now hosting their own Radio show  on ESPN Radio 1700 AM.  Tune in every Friday from 1 pm to 2 pm to learn about current Real Estate news and opinion, current events, and learn more about our charitable contribution project, REIG Operation: Renovation.


Listen to the radio show live here. 

More Client Testimonials

I first contacted Danny from REIG in need of selling my house.  I inherited the property from my mother but it was hard for me to sell considering I lived in Los Angeles.  The communication from Danny and Marcel have been nothing short of professional.  We agreed on a fair price for the property considering the condition the house was in, closed the deal fast, and I walked out with money in my pocket.   They completed this process without having me leave Los Angeles!  I highly recommend them. Read more here.

Andre Arnold Homeowner

I reached out to REIG as I needed to sell my condo “as is” and fairly quickly. I had concerns going into this, as this was not the “typical” home sale and I didn’t want to be “lowballed” and possibly be forced to sell my home the conventional way, and maybe even cancel my relocation plans. Thankfully, you took the time to understand my situation, and came up with a creative solution that met all of my criteria, including that I was getting a fair value for this most important investment. Read more here.

Peter McDougall Homeowner

I thought the whole process was pretty seamless. You were right on time for your initial visit, you spoke with clarity about how the whole process would unfold, and then were pretty much in constant communication with me until the Escrow Closed. My son said that the contractors (Termite Inspector & Job Estimator) were also very professional when they arrived to do their part.I also want to say how helpful Heritage Escrow was. I actually drove out to their office and they walked me through all the paperwork while explaining everything very carefully. Their monetary estimates and time projections were pretty much right on the numbers. So, in summary, I would recommend REIG without question to someone who was looking to sell their property. Click here to read more!

Brian McKinney Homeowner

Hi my name is Corey Oswalt, I’m active duty military and I ended up getting orders to be stationed overseas, got stuck with a house I was in the middle of renovating. I did some research online and that’s how I found REIG. REIG has been one of the most professional and easiest to work with. When I first got the orders, I was looking to do a traditional sale and with that, it became a longer and drawn out process. Marcel from REIG contacted me and made the process extremely easy. Marcel was probably the most courteous and professional person I’ve dealt with in the process and the offer that he gave me on my home was the best one that was presented to me because I had such a short timeline before I had to transfer overseas. REIG made the process extremely easy. Marcel and Danny was constant contact and answered any questions I had and actually took a big load off my shoulders and made the process of moving a lot easier.

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Corey Oswalt Homeowner


Who We Are

We are local real estate professionals in the San Diego area – We know the region like the back of our hands, and will gladly share our knowledge of the market and real estate experience.  We are active in our community – we pride ourselves at creating jobs, enhancing neighborhoods, and giving back whenever we can.  Also, we donate a portion of our profits on every property to a local charity.

Our Mission

We create peace of mind for struggling homeowners while improving San Diego by creating jobs, beautifying neighborhoods, and providing support to the community.

Our Vision

We are a trustworthy, experienced, and fast acting source of assistance for homeowner’s in need. Contrary to the often slimey and hard-nosed approach of other real estate “solutions” providers, the transparency of our process and honesty of our organization creates lasting relationships and mutually beneficial outcomes everytime.